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RSS1.0, RSS2.0, Atom1.0, basic PodCast ...
The Feed is supported as a standard function in recent blogs and CMSs.
However, Dreamweaver does not have it and I made this extension.

This extension help you to make the Feed( RSS1.0, RSS2.0, Atom1.0, basic PodCast ).
You can make the Feed with only a mouse.
On the Files Panel, Right-click and select "make [ RSS1.0 | RSS2.0 | Atom | basic PodCast ] "

This software is not guaranteed. Please use at your own risk.

and, thanks...
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New Release


  • 2008/02/24
  • [make]basic PodCast
    If you want to establish the PodCast for iTunes, you will use Apple products.
  • [config]Set Referer

How to make the RSS.