Tool for Backup
You can backup the current document as snapshot.
What this extension aims is Easily and Simply.
Backup as snapshot
HTML file includes some files, images, javascript and css ...
CSS file includes some image as backgroud-image.
You can backup the HTML/CSS file and included files together.
On Toolbar
backup as snapshot on toolbar
Directory to Backup
The files were backuped to "/.SNAPSHOT_DATA/YYYYMMDD-hhmmss/".

".label.txt" is used for "Restore" menu.
".log.txt" is used for "Log".

When "/about.html" is backuped,

snapshot toolbar

New Released


  • 2008/02/14
  • for CS4
  • Choose targets(Folders and Files) on the Files Panel.
  • Select/Open Backuped-Folder.
  • Bug fixes.(writed "@import url(css.css)" in the html document.)