run ADF directly


You can run HTML-based AIR applications from Dreamweaver's toolbar and context menu.


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New Release


  • 2007/10/08
  • for AIR Beta2
    Added new namespace for ADF.

You should check "Adobe AIR Extension for Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 beta 2" at first.

Adobe AIR Extension for Dreamweaver Beta 2.

  Adobe AIR Extension for Adobe Dreamweaverâ„¢ CS3 beta 2 run ADF directly
Official? Official un-Official
AIR SDK or Runtime Include
( Beta 2 )
Not Include
(You can select the version of AIR SDK.)
Platform Win / Mac Win
Version of Dw CS3 8, CS3
  • Package .air file.
  • Preview .air file.
  • Edit the manifest file.
    and more...
  • Preview without packaging.